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Scholarship Lists

14 Scholarships to Fund Your Study Abroad Experience

While many college students often overlook it, studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity that can have a significant impact on both your personal and professional life. Not only that, but it’s likely the only time in your life that you’ll be able to travel freely without “adult” responsibilities like a family and […]

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Scholarship Lists

26 Unique & Unusual Scholarships to Save You Money

Scholarships are often one of the top options when it comes to paying for college because they never need to be paid back. In other words, they provide students with free money for school and can help prevent student debt. Also, scholarships are a fantastic option because they’re widely available. There are hundreds of thousands […]

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Scholarship Lists

15 Scholarships to Help You Pay for Grad School

There’s no doubt that obtaining a college education can open a world of possibilities and new opportunities, but what about going on to graduate school and getting an advanced degree? On average, around 69.7% of high school graduates enroll in a higher education program. Of that amount, 37% continue to obtain an advanced degree (such […]

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scholarships for transfer students Scholarship Lists

25 Helpful Scholarships for Transfer Students

Going off to college can be an exciting and life-changing experience, but choosing the right school can be overwhelming! With such a complicated and large decision to make, it’s no surprise that many students later transfer to another school. In fact, for one reason or another, over one-third of college students end up changing schools […]

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scholarships without essays Scholarship Lists

16 Essay-Free Scholarships to Apply for in 2018

Scholarships are a fantastic way to save money on your college tuition and to avoid being stuck with loads of student debt after graduation. But, let’s face it, the process of applying for scholarships can be time-consuming (unless you’re using Going Merry!) and, sometimes, it would be nice if it was just a little easier. The […]

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